Ed "Diesel" Stanks

As a 5'5" middle school student, tipping the scales at 215lbs, Ed did not like the idea of exercise. In high school, he realized it was time to make a change.

“I wanted to buy some weights and start working out. My parents told me that I should train with a personal trainer to learn the proper techniques first,” Ed said. “One of the best pieces of advice I have ever received.”

Ed began working out with a personal trainer, changed his diet and a few months later he was 75lbs lighter. This sparked an infatuation with fitness and training.

After high school, Ed went on to Seton Hall University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Sport Management and a Certification in Personal Training from the National Exercise Trainers Association. While interning as an undergrad with the New Jersey Nets Public Relations Department, his boss made a comment: “Diesel, you’re one hard-charging S.O.B.” – thus, the infamous nickname ‘Diesel’ was born.

“The ‘hard-charging’ mentality means never taking ‘no’ for an answer and refusing to bow to limitations,” Ed said. “If you want something bad enough and put in the hard work to get there, anything is possible.”

Ed took an interest in 'World's Strongest Man' and the fact that the athletes complete feats of strength that would be considered by some to be impossible. He began training for strongman events and placed in the top two in multiple competitions.

Ed would take what he had learned in strongman training, combined with his background in sports and personal training, to develop a system of sports-specific training. The system focuses on the specific muscles used for each sport, explosiveness and endurance needed for the duration of each play - increasing power and force without losing velocity. Simply put, this system molds the athlete to be able to 'bring it strong' each play - from whistle to whistle.